American Vampire Volume 1 by Scott Snyder, Stephen King and Rafael Albuquerque (Illustrator)

American Vampire #1 - Stephen King, Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque

 American Vampire Vol. 1 caught my eye when I was at the bookstore getting the next two volumes of the Sandman series. Then I saw one of the story-lines was written by Stephen King and I had to have it. I was not disappointed.


Within are two stories, one about Skinner Sweet, (late 1800's) and the other about Pearl Jones, taking place around 1925. I enjoyed them both but Skinner was my favorite. He's not even a good guy-he's an evil vampire, (just the way I like them), sporting a western duster and a peppermint stick. A gun-slinging, cowboy vampire. Oh yeah.


Pearl is an aspiring Hollywood actress, made into a vampire against her will and she's a badass. She was determined to get revenge and you'll have to read this to find out whether or not she did. 


I originally was waffling between 3.5-4 stars, but I decided to go with 4. I really liked the artwork in this volume and even though the story was not a phenomenal one, it has interested me enough to continue with volume 2. 


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