Deadlands: Dead Man's Hands by David Gallaher, Jeff Mariotte and Various Authors & Artists

Deadlands: Dead Man's Hand - Brook Turner, Ulises Roman, David Gallaher, Shane Hensley, Lee Moder, Bart Sears, Matthew Cutter, Justin Gray, Jeff Mariotte, Ron Marz, Sean Lee, Jimmy Palmiotti, Steve Ellis, Various


Deadlands is an absolute blast of a graphic novel!


Featuring a plethora of authors, including Jeff Mariotte and David Gallaher, (the two I'm already familiar with and the reason I purchased this volume), these stories range from horror western to steampunk laboratory fun. There's some cool stuff called Ghost Rock and even some magic.


I really dug the artwork, especially in the first story The Devil's Six Gun, (which I've also reviewed separately.) The way the skulls were worked into a lot of the panels in that tale worked well for me. In fact, the overall style of all the artwork throughout the entire graphic novel appealed to me.


(That's the Devil's Six Gun up there.)


I read this on my Kindle Fire with the Comixology app and it worked beautifully, (in case anyone is wondering or worried about how this comes across on a Fire).


This series has something to do with a video game of the same name. I am not a gamer and I have no answers as to how this relates to the game, if it's even the same world, or anything else at all game related.


I will say that I loved this mash up of the horror/western/steampunk genres and I plan to read more of them because they're a boatload of fun!


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