Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff by Pappy Pariah, narrated by Sean Penn, Francis McDormand & Others

Free: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff - Leila George, Pappy Pariah, Audible Studios, Ari Fliakos, Sean Penn, Frances McDormand


There's satire and humor here and this audio book is timely. The political landscape is current and even Bob Dylan's recent award of the Nobel Prize in Literature is here.


I think I understand what this piece tried to do, however I'm not sure it succeeded. At times very funny, (Francis McDormand I'm looking at you), and other times flat out WTF confusing, (Welcome to Nightvale anyone?), I'm trying to figure out if I should listen to this again. Sometimes authors, (Pappy Pariah, are you Sean Penn?), get too witty for their own, (or my own) good.


To give Bob Honey the benefit of the doubt: it probably didn't help that I listened to this audio on election day and the day after what I consider to be a stunning outcome. Perhaps in a less charged atmosphere I would have taken away more than I what I did. Then again, perhaps not.


I decided. I'm not listening again.


It's free at Audible if you want to give it a try.