The Booking by Ramsey Campbell

The Booking (Black Labyrinth) - Ramsey Campbell

The Booking is a strange little novella which had me thinking for days.


Kiefer gets a job in a strange bookstore named Books Are Life. The owner of the shop hates technology but wants to get his inventory listed online-this is now Kiefer's responsibility. He likes to Skype regularly with his girlfriend, but since his employer refuses to allow any type of camera in the shop, he as to make do with audio only. From there this novella wanders off into the weird.


I can't say much more without spoilers, but I loved how this story was put together. I went into it with a clear idea, I thought, of what was happening and by the time the story was over, all of my ideas were upended. I still have a couple of things that I'm not quite clear on, so after a little while, I'm going to read this one again.


Brilliantly written, hiding the plot twists down long, narrow aisles of books, this novella was a real treat. The only reason I'm not awarding five stars is because I developed no real feeling for Kiefer or for the bookshop owner. That little spark was missing. Other than that, I highly recommend this novella for readers that enjoy having their mind tickled by one of the best in the business.


You can get your copy here: The Booking


*Big thanks to Kimberly for gifting me a copy of this book!*