More and More Booklikes Issues

I am so frustrated with Booklikes right now! It has taken me 20 minutes to get a review to post and this post is taking just as long. The site has not been working since Friday of last week really. Since Murder by Death suggested that it may be beneficial for us to do a lot of posts tagging Booklikes in them with the hopes that someone would read them I am all for this. 


Frequent problems:


1-The dashboard will not load. If it does load, it loads so slow that it can take anywhere from 30 minutes or to 4 hours (what I had to deal with yesterday) to go back and read previous posts.


2-The stars will not show up when you are attempting to change a book on your currently reading shelf to finished. I had to go back several times and edit a review when I realized after the fact that the site did not recognize the stars I tried to apply and turned it into a regular text post. 


3-When you go to post a review, the post takes forever to load and the page is "frozen" meaning that you cannot type in the text box, you cannot add tags, and you cannot write in the title box. Things seem to be frozen a lot more lately. 


4-We are almost locked out of adding pictures to our posts now. I think the size limit keeps growing smaller. I don't know if that means something or not, but I wish someone on Booklikes would take a look into that. 


5-Just general slowness. Today it took about 30 minutes or so for the dashboard to slow. The site becomes unusable on the weekends for the most part. 


6-Multiple posts. I honestly don't know if we ever did find out what was doing that. I think some people said making a post to post in the future was what was doing it. But since again we never hear from anyone on Booklikes, that's just a guess. 


Long running problems:


1-The reblog issue is still not fixed. At this point, it's becoming a never ending issue and is up there with the re-read issue on Goodreads, we will never see it solved.


2-The discussion pages do not allow more than one person to be an "owner" of a discussion with the power to do things such as ban members. On Goodreads if I am a moderator I have full moderator rights. Here on Booklikes if Moonlight creates a group and adds me on as a co-mod I don't have the ability to do everything that she does.


3-We cannot send pictures/gifs to each other via our email.


4-Some books do not show up in the database. I have been good about going and adding them and editing the pages though when I see issues. However, I had an issue last year with a book showing up twice in my shelves and that took me about a week to fully fix after never getting a clear answer from Booklikes on how to fix it.


5-No response from staff. We just do not hear from Booklikes staff anymore. I think the last time we heard anything was June 2016. They have not posted a blog since January 2016. We asked for weekly posts, "candy" posts, etc. and were ignored.