Odd Man Out by James Newman

Odd Man Out - Pete Kahle, James R. Newman


It is with tears in my eyes that I finish this novella.


As an important church vote looms, Dennis suddenly remembers with clarity an incident from his childhood. All of a sudden, the reader is transported to the Black Mountain Camp for Boys.


During this one week summer camp, an atrocity is committed. One that will haunt Dennis, the other boys, and this reader. I doubt I will ever be able to forget Dennis or his former best friend, Wesley. Maybe I am not meant to. You're not meant to forget it either.


"We build walls to keep us separate, and when those walls eventually crumble and fall we blame the other for chipping away at the foundations. We point fingers right up until the moment we are crushed beneath the weight of our own intolerance. Everyone loses. In the end we all bleed red."


Timely quote there, isn't it?


Odd Man Out gets my highest recommendation. You should read it.


You can buy your copy here: Odd Man Out