Reading progress update: I've read 115 out of 192 page of Batman: I Am Gotham...

Batman Vol. 1: I Am Gotham (Rebirth) - Mikel Janin, Tom King, David Finch


and I'm happy to say I'm digging it. This is my first comic foray into any kind of superhero, due to my, (I'm not ashamed to admit it), former comic snobbery. 


I'm not saying this is the next best thing to sliced bread, but I like the darkness of it and I'm enjoying the story-line so far with the introduction of two new superheroes: Gotham and Gotham Girl. 


My opinion may not mean diddly, however, since as I said, this is my first foray into superhero comics. 


Turn out it won't be my last though, as a good friend gifted me the first volume of Vision, which I plan to check out next! (Turns out that one is written by Tom King, same as this one, so that bodes well.)