Hap and Leonard: Blood and Lemonade by Joe R. Lansdale

Hap and Leonard: Blood and Lemonade - Joe R. Lansdale

Joe Lansdale can always be counted on to deliver an impressive story and in this case, he delivers several.


These short stories are presented around the framework of Hap and Leonard chatting-sometimes in Hap's truck, sometimes at the DQ and towards the end, back home at Hap's house with Bret and Chance. They're almost all about Hap, but some are about both Hap and Leonard and how their friendship originally developed.


The tales about Hap and Leonard as two young men were the ones I liked the most. Especially the one where they first met, fist fighting on the banks of the river being a thing back then. You'll have to read Blood and Lemonade for more detail. My other favorite was the story of what they discovered at the bottom of the river one day when Leonard lost his favorite weight.


Those two were my favorites but every story here is good and they're all told in the trademark style of the Champion Mojo Storyteller. Which of course means, there is a lot of humor here as well as magnificent storytelling. There's also a touch of poignancy to some of the tales and I liked that just fine. I bet you will too.


Highly recommended to fans of Joe Lansdale and the Hap and Leonard series!


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