Knottspeed by Jeff Johnson

Knottspeed: A Love Story - Jeff Johnson


Knottspeed. Tay Tay. Fencepost. These are just a few of the vivid and colorful characters that populate the novel Knottspeed: A Love Story. It will be hard to forget them. 


Knottspeed is an enigma, but one thing that IS known is that he's a charmer. He and his enigmatic statement: "I'm here to do good." What does that even mean? 

His skill in deception hinged on his every word being entirely possible, I was soon to learn. Everything he said was always true, but he was never, ever talking about what you thought he was. 


The way in which this story was told was close to brilliant, but I admit to being confused after the first third. The second portion took an entirely different direction and I could not see how the two connected until the very end of part 2. But part 3? Everything comes together so well and at the White Palace too, it couldn't have been more perfect. I'm not ashamed to admit it brought a tear to my eye. 


Within this novel you will find real people, both good and bad, but Knottspeed connects with them all. You'll find taco stands and smog in L.A. You'll find heavy rains, dry tree limbs, cabbies, lots of cigarettes and a phenomenal house party with a menu that's out of this world. I can picture it all without a hitch, and I think you'll be able to as well. 


It's hard to say much else without spoiling anything, because this story needs to be related as the author intended, otherwise some of the magic will be lost. But if you sit back and let Mr. Johnson guide you through this noir-ish-feeling, deranged world of memorable characters, you will be rewarded with that feeling you can only get from a great book! Highly recommended!


You can get your copy here: Knottspeed: A Love Story



*Thanks to Turner and Edelweiss for the free digital ARC of this book, in exchange for my honest feedback.*