Booklikes-opoly Roll 2! (Adjustment)

After getting some clarification yesterday, I have an updated roll 2 post. My second roll landed me on:


Directions for this say: 

Roll the electronic dice, and perform the task that corresponds to your roll!


I then rolled a 7 which says: 7. Double your dollars on your next read!


I thought I had to wait it out until Friday and then roll again, but no!

So, since this is a free pick and I don't have to struggle to find some way for my scheduled reading to fit, I chose:


Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI - David Grann 


Since I read about 5% of this before I knew it could count, I will not count that 5% towards my goal. So whoohoo! I'm building double money for my bank! (Which is perfect since I lost out and made nothing on my first roll.)

Thanks to Broken Tune for asking for clarification!


Current bank: $20.00