Booklikes-opoly: Roll 3

I finished up my first book for Booklikes-opoly:


Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI - David Grann  


I had to make a few adjustments. 

1. I was 5% into this book before I found out it was eligible for the BL square. -18 pages

2. The book ended at 73%, the rest being appendices, footnotes and acknowledgements. Since I don't feel it's fair to count those: -70 pages. The book is listed at Amazon as 352 pages total. 352-88=264.

264 pages read = $3.00

Bank now: $23.00


I was last on the BL square and now rolling again!


I rolled an 8 which lands me on New Orleans square 19. WHOOHOO!




I'm going for this one, which I was going to read anyway:


American Vampire, Vol. 4 - Scott Snyder,Rafael Albuquerque,Jordi Bernet 


There's my witch hat that doesn't quite fit, but who cares?