Norse Mythology written and performed by Neil Gaiman

Norse Mythology - Neil Gaiman, Neil Gaiman, HarperAudio


I'm always getting my Gods confused. Roman, Greek and now Scandinavian-I can't keep them all straight! However, this is Neil Gaiman and he reads it himself, so how could I resist?


I enjoyed the hell out this! It was hard at first when all the Gods were introduced at once, but there weren't so many that I couldn't keep track. I loved the stories of the time when Thor's hammer was stolen, and when Loki schemed to kill Baldur. My favorite myth, however, was the time when Thor and Tyr were tasked with obtaining a cauldron big enough to brew beer for all of the Gods.


Neil Gaiman's reading of these tales was imbued with joy and sadness as the story dictated and I loved it. I've listened to his narrations before, but this was by far my favorite.


If you want to learn more about Norse mythology, or if you just want to listen to some entertaining storytelling, this book accomplishes both. Highly recommended!


*Thanks to my awesome public library for the loan of this audiobook!*