Booklikes-opoly Update!

The Twilight Pariah - Jeffrey Ford

I finished my Free Friday book last night, (The Twilight Pariah),  and that will be it for me as far as Booklikes-opoly! At 176 pages, I net $4.00 and my total bank is: 68.00! (I have to wait a little bit to review this as it's an ARC, but I will.)


My bank is kind of lame, I know, but I think I did well, considering that my reading is planned out for almost a year ahead! Luckily, M.R. and Obsidian did a great job creating the board which allowed for many different books-I usually was able to find something to fit. 


I had a great time playing and want to thank M.R. and Obsidian again for all the fun that was Booklikes-opoly!