Ripley Read 40% in!

The Talented Mr. Ripley - Patricia Highsmith    

So far,,,there's a lot of this:




And I mean really-a LOT. I like myself a good cocktail now and again, but these guys start drinking when they brush their teeth in the morning. 


So, everyone's drunk half the time, having a good beach romp in Italy and then all of the sudden, someone's feelings get hurt and




someone gets pissed and starts losing their shit. 



And, before you know it ...IT'S On!


I especially liked this passage from the 30% mark when


Dickie tells Tom he's not gay and turns cold towards him. Tom thinks:




"It was as if Dickie had been suddenly snatched away from him. They were not friends. They didn't know each other. It struck Tom like a horrible truth, true for all time, true for the people he had known in the past and for those he would know in the future: each had stood and would stand before him, and he would know time and time again that he would never know them, and the worst was there would be the illusion, for a time, that he did know them, and that he and they were completely in harmony and alike."


This is why I'm not an author-because I'd just say: "He's effed up in the head."


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