Spungunion by John Boden

Spungunion - John  Boden



It's difficult to review this amazing novella without taking away from the beauty of the writing-this is a story that needs to unfold to the reader personally. That said...here we go:


 Deke has been on the road carrying loads, as truck drivers do, when he comes home to a tragedy. His grief is palpable-almost suffocating. About two years later,  Deke gets a chance to find out who was responsible for his pain and suffering and he jumps on it, despite several warnings that this may not be the best course of action. We're along for the ride.  


Throughout this story, there are sentences and passages that resonated in my heart-some to do with grief, some not. This, for instance: 

Outside, night had lumbered in and clubbed the day to death, like a Neanderthal.


Another quote I loved which reminded me of Robert McCammon:

My heart is as thin as a dime but I'd give it to her anyway. In her small hand, it would look like a doubloon. She could cram it in the slot in my back and see all the senseless tricks I would perform, to make her smile again. 


All of the wonder that is this tale was brought to us via a fabulous intro from Bracken MacLeod. He said the things about John Boden's work that I want to say, but sadly, I lack the skills to say properly.  


Beautifully written, poignant, grief-filled and yet resilient, Spungunion is a powerful piece of work which I HIGHLY recommend.


Spungunion: (pronounced: Spun-Gun-Yun) noun; 1.) a dish made from rotting road kill, usually a skunk or a opossum. The more fragrant or maggoty, the better. 2.) Something that's been on the road for a long and unfortunate time. 


Available on Halloween, but you can pre-order here: Spungunion


*I was provided a digital ARC of this tale in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*