Halloween Bingo Update 9.26.17







Cozy Mystery

In the Dark, Dark Woods


 Locked Room Mystery

Murder Most Foul



Modern Masters of Horror

Terrifying Women

Diverse Voices

Haunted Houses

Serial/Spree Killer


Called & Read: (Jack O'Lantern)

Carter & Lovecraft - Genre: Horror 

The Lightning Men: Murder Most Foul

Twisted and Gnarled, (Dark Screams Eight) by Billy Sue Mosiman-Terrifying Women  

The Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea:- Modern Masters of Horror

The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories-(M. E.Braddon's "Herself") -Haunted Houses 

The Wilderness Within-In the Dark, Dark, Woods

Go Down Together by Jeff Guinn-Serial/Spree Killer


Read But Not Yet Called: (Ghost)

My Favorite Thing is Monsters by Emil Farris-Monsters 

Haven by Tom Deady, (narrated by Matt Godfrey)-Terror in a Small Town

Turn of the Screw by Henry James-Classic Horror  



Called But Not Yet Read: (Black Cat)



Diverse Voices


Reading in Progress: 


The Girls by Emma Cline-Chilling Children

Money Back Guarantee by Hunter Shea American Horror Story