Halloween Bingo 2017-10.5.17 Update!

I'm switching a few things around! I'm using Hunter Shea's Money Back Guarantee for the 80's Horror spot, since it's set in 1982, and that allows me to move Cthulhu Blues to the American Horror Story square. Yay!  






Cozy Mystery

In the Dark, Dark Woods


 Locked Room Mystery

Murder Most Foul



Modern Masters of Horror

Terrifying Women

Diverse Voices

Haunted Houses

Serial/Spree Killer

Terror in A Small Town


Darkest London


80's Horror


Called & Read: (Jack O'Lantern)

Carter & Lovecraft - Genre: Horror 

The Lightning Men: Murder Most Foul

Twisted and Gnarled, (Dark Screams Eight) by Billy Sue Mosiman-Terrifying Women  

The Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea:- Modern Masters of Horror

The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories-(M. E.Braddon's "Herself") -Haunted Houses 

The Wilderness Within-In the Dark, Dark, Woods

Go Down Together by Jeff Guinn-Serial/Spree Killer

Haven by Tom Deady, (narrated by Matt Godfrey)- Terror in a Small Town 

Money Back Guarantee by Hunter Shea-80's Horror

The Grip of It by Jac Jemc for the center square-Haunted House


Read But Not Yet Called: (Ghost)

My Favorite Thing is Monsters by Emil Farris-Monsters 

The Girls by Emma Cline-Chilling Children

Mystery Road by Kevin Lucia-Supernatural

Turn of the Screw by Henry James-Classic Horror

Cthulhu Blues by Douglas Wynne-American Horror Story 



Called But Not Yet Read: (Black Cat)



Diverse Voices