Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever - Tom Neely

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever was hilarious!


It works on the premise that Henry Rollins, (Black Flag), and Glenn Danzig, (The Misfits), who are both the most manly men you can imagine, have a gay relationship. Hall & Oates live next door and are Satanists. Lemmy from Motorhead also shows up and shenanigans ensue!


I loved the humor and the silliness in this book. What I did not enjoy very much was the artwork, (at times-there were a lot of different artists), and the misspellings, (there were a few.) I know this is just a comic or graphic novel, but spelling is still important, and graphics, (being that this is a GRAPHIC novel), need to be outstanding, and I didn't think they were.


That said, I really did think this was funny as hell and if you're looking for a laugh, this should do it, for sure. 


I was able to check this graphic novel out of my local library. Libraries RULE!