The Warblers by Amber Fallon

The Warblers - Amber Fallon


THE WARBLERS is a well written novella, scoring high in the creepy category!


Young Dell is upset over the loss of his dog Ginger, and he feels guilty over the dog's death. If Dell hadn't let Ginger out at night, the warblers wouldn't have gotten her. Since the warblers have taken up residence in the back shed of the family farm, they are a constant threat to the family, especially to Dell's little sister. Something must be done about them and Dell's father makes the call. What are the warblers, exactly? Who is Dell's father calling? You'll have to read this quick novella to find out!


I've been meaning to read Amber's work for years now, and finally I've read one. Now I'm sorry I waited so long! The dark atmosphere here is almost palpable and that's exactly what I crave these days-more creep than gore. After carefully setting the scene though, we get our gore and a closer look at the things we've only glimpsed previously. They are well worth the wait!


Fun, fast and packing a late punch, I highly recommend this creative novella!


I bought this book with my hard earned money and if you want to buy it, you can do so here: THE WARBLERS