ALL THESE WORLDS (Bobiverse #3) by Dennis E. Taylor, narrated by Ray Porter

All These Worlds - Dennis Taylor, Ray Porter


I don't even know what to say about this, the final entry in the Bobiverse series.


I guess I'll say it's funny, suspenseful, interesting and sad all at once. Some of the Bobs, (the original and all of the clones in their various incarnations), are getting tired, (I know, clones? Tired? But it's true), and who could blame them? Their entire reason for existing is saving and protecting humanity, even those that don't think they need protection or saving. Every human that the Bobs know is dying. When they do die, the Bobs will continue on. Forever. Imagine how that must feel. Even as clones, the Bobs all have distinct personalities and they still have feelings. (I know, feelings in clones? But in the Bobiverse it makes sense, trust me.)


Regarding their main goals-will they save humanity from the "Others" (a species similar to that of Species 8472 from Star Trek: Voyager), will they save it from the mad Brazilian's clones? Will they be able to finally evacuate all of earth before it can no longer support human life? You'll have to read or listen to find out!


I say goodbye to the Bobs and to Ray Porter's voicing of him with tears in my eyes. Thank you Dennis E. Taylor and Ray Porter for bringing Bob to life. I really enjoyed getting to know him.


My highest recommendation for this entire series, available on Audible only.


*I bought these audio books with my hard earned cash and this opinion is honest.*