Armistice/Veteran's Day- Task 3

Tasks and Book



Task 1:  Using book covers (real or virtual), create a close approximation of your country’s flag (either of residence or birth), OR a close approximation of a poppy.  Take a pic of your efforts and post.




Task 2: Make an offer of peace (letter, gift, whatever) to a book character who has particularly annoyed you this year.

(We'll see.)


Task 3: Tell us: What author’s books would you consider yourself a veteran of (i.e., by which author have you read particularly many books – or maybe even all of them)?


Stephen King would be the obvious answer for me, but instead I will go with Robert R. McCammon. I believe I've read everything he's written and I will continue to do so until I am dead or he stops writing, whichever comes first. 


Task 4: Treat yourself to a slice of poppy seedcake and post a photo. If you want to make it yourself, try out this recipe: … or this one:




Book:  Read any book involving wars, battles, where characters are active military or veterans, or with poppies on the cover.


(We'll see!)



Thank you to all of our veterans and your families for all you have sacrificed.