Reading progress update: I've read 70% and

The Power of the Dog - Don Winslow


this book is simply: OUTSTANDING!


To be honest, I purchased the audiobook THE CARTEL by this author in error, not realizing that it was book 2 of a series. 


When I discovered my error, I decided to buy this one-mostly because of Ray Porter, the narrator. 


Now I'm pretty much consumed by this story of:




Drug Cartels

The Mafia

The Catholic Church

Armies trying to take over South American countries

(and how they are backed or not backed and the reasons why.)


If I didn't already know what happened back then I might not believe what's going on in this book. But I do know the truth of some of what happened and I have no choice but to believe it. Don Winslow has done his research.


It's compelling, it's believable, the characters are engaging, (not even the bad guys are ALL bad - making them quite believable in the process), the story in turns shocking, sad, stunning and un-put-downable.


Lastly? Ray Porter is a narrating GOD.