RATTLESNAKE KISSES by Robert Ford and John Boden

Rattlesnake Kisses - John Boden, Robert Ford

RATTLESNAKE KISSES is a bloody Tarantino-esque type of novella, with portions so poignant you just want to reach out and hug these people.


This is the story of Dallas, The Kid, Wesley the (kind of psycho) cop, and a lovely couple by the last name of Morris. How do these people come together? You'll have to read this to find out!


It's hard to say much without spoiling anything because it's such a short book. RATTLESNAKE KISSES is violent and gory, but it's also funny at times. Everyone in this novella is gray-meaning there's really no black and white characters here; they all have depth, they all have their baggage and they're all just trying to get by. (Well, maybe they're all gray except Mrs. Morris, she didn't have many redeeming qualities at all. Quite frankly, she was just a bitch.)


Dedicated to Dallas Mayr, (aka Jack Ketchum), with bits of song lyrics or references to songs and other cool tidbits, this book is short, fast paced and bloody as hell. I loved it!


Highly recommended!


Now Available here: RATTLESNAKE KISSES


*I received a e-ARC from John Boden in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*