PARADOX BOUND by Peter Clines, narrated by Ray Porter

Paradox Bound: A Novel - Peter Clines

PARADOX BOUND is not my usual fare, but I just adore Ray Porter, the narrator, so I picked it up over at Audible.


This was an enjoyable time travel, (or as one character would insist, history travel), novel. Based on the premise that certain spots are "slippery" and one can use those spots to travel.


Most of those making use of the slippery spots are called "searchers" and they're looking for the American Dream, which is a little bit hokey and nostalgic, but there it is.


Coming after the searchers are the "faceless men", (nothing like the faceless men in Game of Thrones), but scary dudes nonetheless.


I had fun listening to this tale and the surprises the main characters encountered along the way. If there is ever a sequel, count me in!


*I bought this audio with my hard earned cash. *