RIDING THE ELEPHANT by Craig Ferguson, narrated by Craig Ferguson

Riding the Elephant - Craig Ferguson


The only reason I was interested in reading this was because I read a short story by Craig Ferguson, (though I can't remember which collection it was in), and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed this audiobook as well.


Craig Ferguson is a Scottish-American and he is hilarious. He's honest about his addictions and alcoholism, about his marriages and about his career. At times I nearly lost it, listening to him talk about the huge zit that appeared on his nose, just before the big school dance. He talked about stepping in dog poop. He talked about sports teams...(yeah, the Packers v. Broncos bit just slayed me.)


Overall, this book was fun and now I would like to read or listen to more of his work.




*I downloaded this book from my local library. Libraries RULE!*