Doing Justice - Preet Bharara

Preet Bharara appeared on my radar by getting fired. He was previously head US Attorney of SDNY and he was fired by Donald Trump. He stayed on my radar due to several of his appearances on liberal news media programs. I liked what he had to say, so I requested a copy of the audiobook from my library and here we are.


This book is not about politics, though politics do play a part in our justice system. If you're looking to read this book to hear Mr. Bharara trash Trump, you're looking in the wrong place, (though there are some brief comments.) In this book, he is talking about exactly what is written in the title-namely, justice.


Only a fool would believe that justice is delivered fairly in this country, but Preet Bharara makes me think at least someone is trying to make that happen. He makes me believe that the majority of people in law enforcement, those working in prisons, those working in our various prosecution offices around the country want justice to be applied fairly. He enumerates a few cases where justice WAS served, but only decades later, and only by crazy coincidences-(one of the prosecutors had nearly a photographic memory, for instance.)


SOAPBOX Basically, this entire book boils down to one principle: Do the right thing. Which makes me wonder how many people working in our justice system adopt that principle as their own? Nevertheless, we need a book like this, written by a person like this, to remind us what our goals and principles as a nation actually ARE. Because these days? It is all too easy to forget the tenets upon which this country was founded. It's too easy to forget that our law enforcement agencies and our media all have a job to do and those jobs are the stanchions of our democracy. We depend upon them for our very existence as a country. These aren't popularity contests, there are no alternative facts. There are only facts and the courage to report them, no matter how the president or his henchman and women, (I'm looking at you, Kellianne and Sarah), interpret them. 



I enjoyed listening to Preet Bharara narrate this himself and I recommend this book!


*Thanks to my local library for the free audio download. Libraries RULE!*