The King of the Wood: Book One of THE WOOD - Neil Dring, J Edwin Buja, Craig Shaw Gardner


What a cast of characters we have here! I'm ready for the next book. Preferably? Now, please!


Picture a small town. A young man living atop the highest hill in that town. The sheriff, his friend. A deputy, who is not. An old money villain who wants that house, (and the land surrounding it), and will do anything to get it. The villain's servant who hates his guts. A disturbed religious cult. (Though "disturbed" might be redundant in this instance.) A drug dealing, womanizing, mechanic with OCD tendencies. And lastly, the King of the Wood himself.


People in town are disappearing. Gardens that used to struggle now flourish with no additional attention from their gardeners. The earth is shifting in some places. Birds and wildlife follow commands from some people, (well, from one person, at least). And oh yeah, there was a man tied to a tree with his...well, you'll see. Can't forget that!


I can't give away too much of this story as you should discover it as the author intended. I will say that I had a TON of fun with this book! The characters are all vividly drawn and the writing was engaging. There are several mysteries waiting to be unraveled here and I need to have them solved. We were given small peeks into the background of The King, but I need more. Also, who is Ravenscroft and where is she? The writing has created this tension, anticipation and curiosity that I need to have satisfied-and the sooner the better!


THE KING OF THE WOOD hummed right along and I read the second half in one day. Seriously, I could not have put it down if I tried. (Good thing I had the day off from work!) This novel, which was full of magical realism, mystery, death, gore, evil villains, humor and heroes, (even if I'm not sure who the heroes are just yet), kept my mind spinning with possibilities and left my lungs breathless!


Highly recommended!


Available July 22, but you can pre-order here: THE KING OF THE WOOD


*I received an ARC of this book from Haverhill House and J.Edwin Buja in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*


**Further, I have met Mr. Buja and his lovely wife in person a few times at various book festivals. This did not affect the outcome of my review.**