Devouring Dark - Alan Baxter, Anthony Rivera


DEVOURING DARK kept me glued to the pages and not wanting to do anything else until I finished the book!


Meet Matt and Amy. They both have special powers inside them and each of them use those powers in a different way. Meet Vince Stratton. Local mob boss/Fagin. He rounds up local disenfranchised youth to run his errands, keep an eye on the neighborhood, and to make pick ups and drop offs of ...whatever. How do these characters all come together? You'll have to read this and see!


Being my first story from this author, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. To be honest, I was a bit surprised by the quality of writing. From the descriptions of unbelievable pain to the honesty and humor of the dialogue, I was engaged. I really felt for both Matt and Amy, and I really hated Vince Stratton. I did feel that a few of the surrounding characters, (Matt's mates, mostly), weren't quite as well developed, but I was okay with that, as it meant I got to spend more time with Matt and Amy.


I would be interested in reading more about these two, and how they develop and grow in their new situation, be they together or apart. There was a calm and sympathetic take as to how we care for the aging in the world today, and I appreciated that outlook, mostly from Amy's point of view. It made me like her that much more.


Overall, DEVOURING DARK was an engaging and fast-paced read. It was well written, had some funny portions to help break up the darkness and an ending I could get behind. Also, the premise was original and that's hard to find these days.


Highly recommended!


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*I received a free paperback of this book to review for Horror After Dark. This did not affect the content of my review.*