Halloween Pre-Party or Why I Could Not Attend

I was able to post for the first few prompts, but that's probably going to be it.


Two weeks ago, (the day after we applied for assisted living), my mom fell down and broke her pelvis. She had just gotten a surgery date for her aortic aneurysm, but that had to be rescheduled. I wasn't thrilled with the care she was getting in rehab, so I got tied up making a grievance against them and having her moved. (Albeit, only to a different floor, but the quality of her care has greatly improved, even though they all hate me now.) 


She is now on the mend, (estimated to be about another month), and then we will most likely be moving her to an assisted living facility, (hopefully there will be a bed available for her at that time.) Once that's done, we will most likely be looking to reschedule her surgery, and then see the back specialist for the pinched nerve she has running down her right leg. (Same side as the broken pelvis.)


Everything is up in the air and I just hate that. I can't really do much to speed things along or to organize things better until we see how she recovers. 


I'm still managing to read a little bit and post some reviews, but to authors or publishers:

I'm probably going to be late with the review I promised you.


Regarding Booklikes-opoly and Halloween Bingo: I'm going to do my best to finish the first and to participate in the second. My favorite part of Booklikes is our community here and it saddens me that I'm not able to participate as much as I would like. Because I appreciate everything Moonlight Reader and OB do to put these games on, I thought you all deserved an explanation and here it is.