HELLRIDER by J.G. Faherty

Hellrider (Fiction Without Frontiers) - J.G. Faherty


Admittedly, I'm a sucker for a kick ass cover and this is definitely one of them. When I saw Mr. Faherty offering a paperback ARC of this on Twitter I jumped on the chance!


Eddie Ryder has had a rough family life. His dad is gone, his mom is dying and his smart little brother is trying to stay in school so that he can better himself. Formerly a member of the Hell Riders Motorcycle Club, but now trying to go straight and support his family, no one recognizes the changes in him-changes for the better. All that ends one night after his auto repair shop burns down with him in it. Inexplicably, he, (and his motorcycle, Diablo!), come back to life. Will he get revenge on those responsible? Will his family be able to keep their heads above water now that he's gone? You'll have to read this to find out!


At first, I could not have been more on board with this story. I love me a good revenge tale and this is definitely one. My problems with this novel came about a little over halfway through, when things began to get repetitive.



It's my understanding that Eddie became more and more insane as time went on and as he kept doing what he was doing. {I'm trying not to spoil too much.} But at a certain point it went way over the top and was no longer believable. {As much as a story about a reincarnated man and his motorcycle can be believable, that is.}


(show spoiler)


I loved Eddie's family and wanted to spend more time with his brother and mom, and I did get my wish towards the end of the book, but it wasn't as much time as I wanted. I was not expecting a literary masterpiece here, but I did expect a tighter story with less repetition than this.


All of that said, this was fun, and for the most part, I enjoyed my time with Eddie and Diablo, flying thunderously around the town of Hell Creek!


*Thank you to the author for the beautiful paperback you signed for me, in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*