WANDERERS by Chuck Wendig, narrated by Dominic Hoffman and Ze Sands

Wanderers - Chuck Wendig

WANDERERS was a fun listen, alternating between two narrators, one male and one female. This format worked really well for me and I enjoyed this tale quite a bit.


It's an "end of the world" book and even though the terms "walker" and "sleepwalker" are used, these are not really zombies like THE WALKING DEAD walkers, and they're not sleepwalking either. This is why the book was so interesting and different.


The characters developed quite a bit throughout, none of them the same as they were in the beginning. None of them are perfectly black or white characters either, which made them seem more realistic to me than say, Mother Abigail from THE STAND or Sister from SWAN SONG. Even though the setting of WANDERERS brings those books to mind, it's completely different from both of them.


Overall I loved listening, and I very much enjoyed the ending because it was surprising and eerie. I can't say more about it without spoiling the story, so I'll just end with this:




*Thanks to my local library for the free audio download. Libraries RULE!*