CODE ZERO by Jonathan Maberry, narrated by Ray Porter

Code Zero - Jonathan Maberry

The Joe Ledger series is a perfect example of how a great audiobook narrator can add to the magic of good writing. When both are combined together as they were in CODE ZERO? It's close to perfection.


Mother Night was an excellent, well drawn character with all kinds of evil levels. Her plans to lead Joe Ledger and his team on a wild good chase worked so well, I was genuinely afraid that I was going to have to say goodbye to a few beloved characters. Did I have to do that? You'll have to read CODE ZERO to find out!


I will say this: that ending had me driving down the highway legit crying.


Highly recommended, (but you should probably read the preceding books in the series first!)


*I bought this audio book with my hard earned cash because Joe Ledger, Jonathan Maberry and Ray Porter MADE ME! (I could NOT continue waiting for each volume from the library.)*