YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT YOUR DESTINATION by Amor Towles, narrated by David Harbour

You Have Arrived at Your Destination - Amor Towles

YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT YOUR DESTINATION was a science fiction tale about eugenics, though that word is never mentioned.


The husband of a couple goes to a company called Vitek which is able to produce a child for them with whatever genes the parents would like. What's different about Vitek, though, is that they are able to show the parents videos of what their child would be like, depending on what "programming" they chose.


It's a disturbing and intriguing idea to write about, so I'm not sure why I got bored in the last third of the tale? A mention that Vitek used to be another company, (whose name most people would recognize), seemed kind of random. And then an ending, which seemed like it should have packed more punch. But for me, for some reason, it did not. *shrug*


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