MIDNIGHT IN THE GRAVEYARD edited by Kenneth Cain

Midnight in the Graveyard - Jeremy Hepler, Chad Lutzke, Kenneth W. Cain, Jonathan Janz, Kealan Patrick Burke, John Everson, Elizabeth Massie, William Meikle, Thomas F. Monteleone, Robert R. McCammon

MIDNIGHT IN THE GRAVEYARD is an above average anthology, comprised of ghost stories-all kinds and varieties. I had a blast seeing what each author came up with.


For me, some of the standouts were:


DEVIL'S DIP by Shannon Felton. What a great tale to start off this collection! I've never read anything by this author before, but now I'll be following her career closely. (Love when this happens.)


TUG O WAR by Chad Lutzke. A terribly sad tale that morphed into....something else entirely, (and even sadder!)


DOG DAYS by Kenneth Cain. LOVED LOVED LOVED this! Dogs are involved.


COOL FOR CATS by William Meikle. I loved this one too! (Cats are involved. Surprise!)


THE GLIMMER GIRLS by Ken McKinley. Terribly, terribly, sad. I think the fact that we all knew how it was going to end only added to the poignancy of it.


THE CEMETERY MAN by John Everson. Everson's unique style of mixing the erotic with the horrific is on display here.


HAUNTED WORLD by Robert McCammon. It's McCammon. 'Nuff said.


GHOST BLOOD by Kelli Owen. Imagine if you could see blood anywhere it has ever been spilled. From shaving cuts to mass murders-you see it all. How ghastly!


LAST CALL AT THE SUDDEN DEATH SALOON by Allan Leverone. An abandoned sanitarium in a haunted town-who wouldn't want a drink before going there?


THE PUTPOCKET by Alan M. Clark. This might have been my favorite tale. (I know, it surprised me too!) I felt an almost...Dickensian vibe with this and I really got down with the story and its narrator.


PORTRAIT by Kealan Patrick Burke. Another poignant story from a master.


SWAMP VENGEANCE by Brian Moreland. Unexpected, but fun just the same.


I'm going to leave it off here because I liked just about every story in here, but I can't mention them all. My only nitpicking complaint is that perhaps this anthology was a bit too long.


I consider myself lucky to have had the pleasure of interacting with all of the authors in a group read in the Horror Aficionados group. The book and the experience were both a heck of a good time!


Highly recommended!




*I received an e-ARC of this anthology from the publisher in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it! Further, I am one of the moderators of the HA group mentioned above. The fact that this was a group read did not affect my opinion of the contents of the book.*