A Sick Gray Laugh by Nicole Cushing

A Sick Gray Laugh - Nicole Cushing

WTH did I just read? I don't even know!


I can say that I liked it, that it was literary and that it was beautifully written. There were deep, dark, and gray ideas explored. If I had to put labels on it, (which is difficult to do), I'd use these:



dark humor

weird tales

somewhat nihilistic





After reading a few other reviews once I was finished, it seems that my favorite part was the least favorite part of others, and that was the middle. The first and third portions were more involved with Noelle's, (Nicole's?), life, discoveries, and aspirations whereas the second portion focused on a cult-like veil-wearing group traveling to the U.S. by ship and then onward towards the Midwest. The New Moses and his group made for fascinating reading and I was sorry when the author moved on.


Overall, I did enjoy this compelling piece of fiction, but I will admit to the fact that my mind did wander a bit, especially during the first and third parts. Did I like it? YES! Do I recommend it? YES! Was it my favorite work of fiction from Nicole Cushing, no-but that's ok.


I never know what to expect when I read her work, but I ALWAYS know that it's going to be original, well written, and that it will make me think.


As I said above: Recommended! Get your copy here: A SICK GRAY LAUGH


*Thank you to Nicole Cushing for the e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*