Brides of Hanover Block (The Hanover Quartet Book 2) - Gregor Xane

BRIDES OF HANOVER BLOCK can be summarized in two words: Messed. Up. !!!!!


Messed up is not really my first choice of phrasing, but it's one that Goodreads and Amazon will both allow. BRIDES picks up months after the events in HANOVER BLOCK. Where that book focused on the men in a certain neighborhood and their weird backyard appearances, this one focuses on the women in a certain neighborhood and their weird INDOOR appearances.


What is it that appears, exactly? All I can say is look at the covers of both books. Done?

Now you know as much I do..          

What can I say without spoiling anything? These books are strange, erotic, and strangely erotic. They are sick and weird and did I mention erotic? Ok then-sick, weird, and (one more time!) erotic. These books are not for the fainthearted. After all the strange erotica, then come some murders, some guys in weird uniforms with gas masks, and a dude with some kind of industrial fog machine in a truck. (I told you it was weird.)


That said, halfway through this quartet of books we have been led through a compelling, intriguing, weird tale and I just cannot wait for the next one!


My HIGHEST recommendation!


Get your copy here: BRIDES OF HANOVER


*Many thanks to the author for the signed paperback he sent me, in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!*