BUNNY by Mona Awad

Bunny - Mona Awad

 Topping off my trio of weird reads this weekend is BUNNY. I'm not even sure that I understood everything that occurred in this book. In that regard, it was like a train wreck. The characters were so awesomely terrible, I couldn't look away! (Maybe hear away? Whatever.)


This was the story of a woman, Samantha Mackey, (or Smackey as her friend calls her), studying as a post graduate in a snooty New England college. It's also about this ultra-annoying group of women, (who come off more as high school girls), that form a clique than no one, (read everyone), wants to join. And then Samantha gets an invite to "Smut Salon," and IT'S on. What THAT is? Still not sure!


“Behold the lavish tent under which the overeducated mingle, well versed in every art but the one of conversation.”


As for all the rest? Bunnies, weird dudes with axes tattooed on their necks, an outsider named Ava, snooty female professors, faintly lecherous male professors and one sweet, sweet guy who of course, is ignored.


That's it, that's all I'm saying. I'm considering downloading and listening to this book again. That should tell you all you need to know.


"I love you, Bunny."


Recommended, especially on audio! *Thanks to my local library for the free audio download. Libraries RULE!*