THE TWISTED ONES by T. Kingfisher, narrated by Hillary Huber

The Twisted Ones - T. Kingfisher

THE TWISTED ONES was a nice take on folklore and an homage, (or is it a sequel?) to Arthur Machen's THE WHITE PEOPLE.


I loved the narrators of the story, (both the protagonist and the narrator of the audiobook), which went a long way towards my enjoyment. I think if I had read this, instead of listening, the repetition of certain phrases and certain behaviors regarding the protagonist and her dog would have gotten on my nerves a lot more.


I enjoyed THE TWISTED ONES mostly for the characters, I think, especially Foxy. She cracked me the hell up-maybe because I know people just like her? Full of surprises, sometimes vulgar, but always down to earth and willing to help.


Overall, I'm glad I joined the group read with the LADIES OF HORROR FICTION group over on Goodreads. I enjoyed chatting with them while we were reading.




*I bought this audiobook with my hard earned cash and this is my honest review.*