THE SINGULARITY TRAP by Dennis E. Taylor, narrated by Ray Porter

The Singularity Trap - Audible Original, Dennis Taylor, Ray Porter

I loved the Bobiverse books and thought I'd try this one which is by the same author and has the same audio narrator. 


This story is interesting though there seemed to be a couple of big holes in the narrative-mostly regarding the political situation and governmental administration in the U.S. Nevertheless, this was an interesting tale with a few Sci-Fi and Star Trek references which I enjoyed. I did miss the sense of humor I found in the Bob books, but this story didn't have a lot of room for comedy.


As usual, Ray Porter's narration was excellent and there were a few sound effects that I thought enhanced the story.


Recommended for fans of the Bobiverse books and other science fiction.


*I bought this audio from Audible with my own hard earned cash.*