I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons - Kevin Hart, Neil Strauss


I recently saw most of the film THE UPSIDE, starring Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart and Nicole Kidman. I missed a little of the beginning but I watched and enjoyed the rest. I was surprised by how much I felt for Kevin Hart in the film, because I'd previously only seen him in commercials or very short comedic bits and he got on my nerves, to be honest.


In this book he tells the story of his life, his successes and failures, his positive and negative points, his love for his mom and family, and his willingness to work hard and get it done. It was not all fun and games, because a fair amount of the time he and his first wife were constantly fighting, (he was cheating, she might have been), and so on.


What impressed me the most was his ability to shrug things off and stay positive and I'm going to try to take that ability and incorporate it into my life.


This was hilarious and informative and fun to listen to, if maybe just a tad too long.


Highly recommended, especially to those who love to listen to the memoirs of comedians.


*I purchased this audiobook from Audible with my hard earned cash.*