Son of Hanover Block (The Hanover Quartet Book 3) - Gregor Xane

A young boy falls down on the playground and is diagnosed with a brain tumor. That was probably the best day of his life, because it's all downhill from there.


The beginning of this, the third book in the series, was completely horrific and off the wall. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it got triply worse. I didn't know what was going on, but I trusted Gregor Xane to put it all together and he eventually did. Mostly.


The originality of this series cannot be impeached, I've never read anything like it. I thought a beginning so different from the first two books breathed some fresh air into this installment and that was appreciated. We also got to learn more about the overarching story and I think that's where the 4th book is going to tie everything up.


The Hanover Block - Gregor Xane Brides of Hanover Block (The Hanover Quartet Book 2) - Gregor Xane  Son of Hanover Block (The Hanover Quartet Book 3) - Gregor Xane  


In the meantime, I cannot help myself from staring at these covers and asking myself WTF? What will the fourth one look like?


Highly recommended!


You can get a copy here: SON OF HANOVER BLOCK


*Thanks to Gregor Xane for the paperback in exchange for my feedback. This is it!*