Upcoming Release: DEVIL'S WAYS

Devil's Ways - J.M. Sidorova


If you've got a taste for speculative fiction featuring the Devil, keep an eye out for an upcoming anthology, Devil's Ways, in June. The Dragonwell Publishing volume features award-winning authors Nancy Kress and Michael Swanwick and delivers on tales about the Adversary. It's not a straight horror antho, but it's all about the Devil so you can't really go wrong! Here's the synopsis:


There is no light without dark; no highlights without shadows; no good without evil. The Devil is where things happen. Where stories begin. This collection brings together stories from multiple cultures, featuring the Devil both as an abstract concept and a creature, a terror, a force of nature, an enemy, a trickster, and so many more. Step into the world of shadows, and travel through Devil’s many incarnations spanning centuries of history and myth, from Ancient Greece, African and Caribbean folklore, dark ages in Europe, all the way to the present day.


Devil's Ways features people with diverse backgrounds and points of view. The TOC features Persephone D'Shaun, Ben Loory, R.S.A. Garcia, Michael Swanwick, Andy Duncan, Curtis C. Chen, Darrell Schweitzer, Imogen Howson, Edwina Harvey, Nancy Kress, Avram Davidson, and J.M. Sidorova.


The Publishers Weekly review says "readers are in for a devilish treat", so if you think this is up your alley you can pre-order on Amazon U.S. here: DEVIL'S WAYS