Snakes & Ladders: Post the Sixth

It seems like so many of you are done already! 

I'm plugging along:


I finished  

Dark Celebrations - Calvin Demmer 


which has NOT been on my TBR for 2 years, so I rolled one die:


For whatever reason I can't seem to copy my dice roll here, but I rolled a three.


49. Recommended by a friend


I’ll start a new collection recommended by several friends: 


DEAD OF WINTER by Kealan Patrick Burke. 

Dead of Winter - Kealan Patrick Burke 


This book fit the bill, so I rolled two die:

You rolled 2 dice:

6 4

Timestamp: 2020-04-30 14:48:06 UTC


Which brings me to: 

59. Was published more than 10 years ago



I started listening to THE CIPHER by Kathe Koja.