BROKEN by Don Winslow, narrated by Ray Porter & Kaleo Griffith

Broken - Don Winslow,  Narrated by Kaleo Griffith, Ray Porter

Don Winslow is beyond brilliant as far as crime writing is concerned!


BROKEN: SIX SHORT NOVELS, as the title suggests is 6 novellas, all of them excellent. The only one that didn't quite fill the bill for me was the Hawaiian one, but that's most likely because I haven't read the original book in which these characters were featured, (SAVAGES). Not yet, anyway.


I'm not going to go blow by blow with each story, but I have to give the final tale, THE LAST RIDE, a special mention because my heart is still recovering from its impact. Here, Mr. Winslow's politics are more involved than usual. In my case that was perfectly fine, because they're in line with my own. Politics aside though, I think most people can agree that children should not be kept in cages. Cal, a border patrol officer in Texas, doesn't think it's right either and he does something about it. THE LAST RIDE had a western feel to it and I'll say it again, it broke my freaking heart. I think my husband heard it break from across the room because he was asking me if I was okay.


I still have a backlog of Winslow books to catch up on, and those are something I very much look forward to during these uncertain times.


My highest recommendation!


*I bought this audio book with my hard earned cash. *