DEAD OF WINTER by Kealan Patrick Burke

Dead of Winter - Kealan Patrick Burke

The weather here in the northeast right now is making it feel like we're still in the dead of winter. Going through the stack of books in my TBR, this title stood out like a sore thumb and here we are.


This collection centers around winter horror. Those short days when, after the snow has fallen, it's eerily quiet...sound has been dampened, and there's an illuminating glow from that snow after the sun goes down. Just enough of a glow to make shadows where there were none before. But, I ramble.


All of these stories were enjoyable but I especially loved DOOMSDAY FATHER CHRISTMAS. (To be honest, I really can't stand Christmas, so I agreed with Santa's feelings about it. Well, mostly.)


VISITATION RIGHTS was another special story that might not have worked in the hands of a lesser author.


Make no mistake, this book is dark. Grief and guilt are Kealan Patrick Burke's forte, he writes about them like no one else. These emotions are woven into his words, but the reader doesn't always know it at the time. It's when the story is over that it hits you like a freight train, or a bullet between the eyes.


Thankfully, I have a few of Mr. Burke's other books in my to be read stack. I am rationing them because I don't want to run out. It's great to have an author you know you can count on for entertaining stories.




You can get your copy here: DEAD OF WINTER


*I bought this book with my hard earned cash.*