Attention: Booklikes

To the ghostly or non existent person behind Booklikes.


I have been here for years now, as well as on many other book related sites. 

What you have here in this community is very special. 

Why, oh why, are you wasting it by doing nothing? 


You answer no requests for help here or on Facebook. 


You ignore the spammers joining this site by the hundreds, every single day, thousands per month. This is not an exaggeration.


Some of those spammers are posting ads for escorts and other goods and services that are not legal in the U.S. and at the very least, are distasteful. 


The community here is dying and you have no one to blame but yourselves.


I'm officially giving up on Booklikesopoly because I don't have all day to wait for posts to load. It took 5 minutes for this new text post to load up, for God's sake. That's longer than it's taking for me to type it!


I will keep posting reviews here, if I am able, until my site is up and running, which I don't expect to do until the fall, at the very least. At that point, I will abandon this place altogether.  


I hope your advertisers sell a lot of product to all of your spammer accounts:

keto diets, prostitutes, escorts and generic substitutes for Viagra. There soon will be no one left here other than them. If that's what you were shooting for? Well done!


Well fucking done.