Clockwork Dolls by William Meikle

Clockwork Dolls - William Meikle

Are we all just random collections of cells and blood? Is there something behind all of creation? Is it God? Is it the Cosmos? Can you ask either one for help?

Quote: "The theory goes that if you make a request to the universe in the right way, then the Cosmos will grant your wish."
As the old saying goes though, be careful for what you wish for. 

Dave is not a very likable guy. He's drunk most of the time and his friends can barely stand to be around him. He doesnt take responsibility for much of anything-it's always someone else's fault. So what will Dave ask from the Cosmos? Will he get it? You will have to read this story to see.

This was a fun, fast paced novella where the story just flows. Even though Dave is not the best guy in the world, the author has you pulling for him anyway. To me, that's a sign of a great author. I will be reading more from Mr. Meikle.