Judas Goat by Greg Gifune

Judas Goat - Greg F. Gifune

This was yet another fascinating story by Mr. Gifune.

Lenny is bequeathed a house by an ex-girlfriend he hasn't seen in years. Before selling the home, he feels an obligation to at least go and look at it. The house is located in an extremely isolated area and Lenny decides to stay for a few days and check it out.

And so begins the story of Judas Goat. An explanation of the phrase Judas Goat is provided at the beginning of the novella, so while you're reading you're constantly wondering who it's going to turn out to be. In the meantime, the atmosphere and the creepiness begin to build until you're racing through to the final chapter. Black magic, mirrors and guilt set the stage and finally at the end, the lights come up and you're just sitting there saying "Wow". 

Mr. Gifune is the master of creating a creepy, tense atmosphere and this novella is no different. Highly recommended for fans of dark fiction and horror.