Apartment Seven by Greg Gifune

Apartment Seven - Greg F. Gifune


Greg Gifune is the master of atmosphere. I don't care where the story takes place, you can be guaranteed of a dark, shadowy atmosphere where nothing is at it seems. This book is no exception.

This is the story of Charlie and his marriage. A long lasting one...until it isn't. Jenna, Charlie's wife, is caught talking on the phone late at night and suddenly his life is turned upside down.

There is a Dickensian quality to this story, and Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" does play a part, but only the skeletal bones of the tale. Mr. Gifune has taken this well known book and twisted things until he made it his own.

This novella really spoke to me. Having been married for many years and having been through some tough times during those years, I could identify with the characters. My strings were pulled-because Mr. Gifune is a masterful puppeteer. Recommended!