Hell's Door

Hell's Door - Sandy DeLuca I sat down last night to tackle this new novella. When I looked up it was after midnight and my world had been rocked.

Hell's Door is a combination of police procedural and mystery, which is very different from Sandy's previous works. This is the story of Lacey, a police detective that has problems following the rules. As a result, she has moved around the country a lot. Now in Providence, Rhode Island, she is partnered up with John to track down a serial killer working out of a club called Hell's Door.

What goes on in Hell's Door? Pretty much everything. It's a combination strip club, drag queen hangout, and all around home to sexual differences and degenerates. The back rooms are dim and filled with people exploring their dark fantasies, no matter what they are.

The scene is set for you. Will Lacey and John discover the identity of this sick and depraved serial killer? You will have to read it and see. If this sounds even remotely interesting to you, go pay your $2.99 right now and buy this novella for your Kindle. You will not be disappointed. This crime noir/mystery/dark fiction story will knock your socks off. Highly recommended!